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Updates to our Terms and Conditions

The way our customers use our services is changing all the time so we may need to change our Terms and Conditions to adapt to our customers' needs. Our latest Terms and Conditions will always be posted on our website at so please keep checking for updates.

SoldierNET is a service provided by SoldierNET Ltd a subsidiery of Incito Ltd.

MOD Policy

SoldierNET is approved for Personal use only and it is not permitted to use it to carry out official business nor to process any Protectively Marked or routine work.

  • You must never attempt to connect any official MOD equipment to this private network.

  • You must never attempt to connect your personal IT equipment to any official MOD system.

The IT Security Officer (ITSO) for your unit may require you to complete and sign a copy of the User Security Operating Procedures(SyOps). This is a local policy decision and you should confirm with the ITSO if this is required for your location.

If you suspect any misuse or security issues with regards to Protectively Marked or official material you should contact your unit ITSO immediately.


You are strongly advised to protect your PC from virus attack by installation of an appropriate anti-virus package, anti-spam product and firewall software and to ensure that they are updated regularly

Privacy Policy

SoldierNET does not hold any financial details about users e.g. credit card nor payment details. You are required to provide your name when using a special offer or voucher code. We reserve the right to verify that each user of a voucher or special offer code is entitled to it and may suspend access whilst this is confirmed.

We do not pass customer or financial details to any third parties.

If you opt to provide us with a mobile number then it will only ever be used to send you a reminder of text with your login details and password when requested. No text will be sent unless requested.

Product Policy

SoldierNET provide Internet access on a pay as you go basis through the purchase of a voucher or subscription.
A voucher lasts only for the time you purchase.
A subscription is a monthly product - you will be charged on the first day of each month for access during that month. Payments will continue until you cancel the subscription.

Delivery Policy

Each user account entitles a single user to access the Internet from a single device plus one pre-registered games console.

  • Internet Access is delivered 24/7 to bedrooms and certain public rooms within the barracks.

  • Details of which locations have a service are site specific and are available from the site ITSO.

  • Access is available immediately following the purchase of a voucher or subscription.

  • The Service includes connection to the Internet but does not include a connection to any services once connected to the Internet.

Periodic maintenance will be conducted where individual access points will be rebooted which may result in a brief reduction in service, however these will normally be staggered and carried out between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. on a Sunday to reduce disruption.

All use is subject to our Fair Use Policy. In the event that a customers use has a significant detrimental affect on the service to others then SoldierNET reserves the right to vary, curb or even withdraw the service to that customer.

Service will be subject to the same service level availability as that provided by the upstream ISP. SoldierNET Ltd takes no responsibility for failures in the wholesale supply of bandwidth.

Quality of Service

The quality of the service you receive will depend on a wide variety of factors. The bandwidth available from the local exchange will vary between barracks as will the volume of users connected at different times throughout the day.

We use sophisticated traffic shaping software to optimise a users experience on-line. For more details please see Quality of Service

Wireless Coverage

The wireless coverage is designed to ensure a service to specific areas of each site. It will still be possible to pick up a wifi signal outside those designated areas however there is no guarantee that the service will perform as expected outside those designated areas.

The coverage provided by wireless services depends on many factors outside the control of SoldierNET, including interference from other spectrum users, RF Noise, etc. Whilst we make all reasonable efforts to minimise these effects delivery over wireless cannot be guaranteed

Signal coverage within designated service areas will vary as building construction and layout can cause localised blackspots. If you experience a problem with the signal then you should move to an area where better reception is possible.

Wireless Separation

Our networks are configured to enforce Client Separation. This is a security policy and means that other users devices cannot attempt to hack your devices. It does however mean that the network cannot be used as a private LAN even between your own devices. If you want to share content or stream content between your devices you may need to use a cable or other method to link them.

Security Policy

When you make an order we use a secure PayPal server. The security of your transactions is the top priority of SoldierNET and PayPal. SoldierNET and PayPal use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which provides crucial on-line identity and security. SSL is an industry standard and is one of the best ways to ensure Internet messages are not intercepted.

Charges Policy

The charges for the Service are specified at the time of ordering and are charged in advance. Prices are specific to each location and may be based on download/upload limits and/or time. Pricing information is available on the SoldierNET website at the time of purchase.

A handling fee is charged per transaction by paypal. Paypal may show this as postage and packing.

All prices include VAT at the current UK rate.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for unused time on vouchers or subscriptions. Users may unsubscribe and resubscribe at any time.

If you would like to discuss a refund please contact SoldierNET Ltd on 0131 556 4300.

Cancellation Policy

It is not possible to cancel non-recurring payments e.g. day and weekly vouchers. The voucher will simply expire at the end of the prepaid period.

If you have a subscription you can unsubscribe at any time. Any period of time that has already been paid for can still be used. If you created a subscription through the credit card page on SoldierNET then the unsubscribe is immediate. If you created a subscription through your paypal account then you must ensure that you unsubscribe at least 3 days before the next payment is due or the payment may still be taken. This is a feature of paypal that SoldierNET has no control over.

You will continue to be charged for the service until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time and in several ways, 1) via the site at 2) by telephone on 0131 556 4300, or 3) iif you pay through paypal by logging in to your paypal account.

Termination Policy

Should SoldierNET terminate the users account for breach of contract, the customer agrees to pay termination charges equivalent to any remaining credit already paid. This will mean that the customer is not entitled to any pro-rated refund.

Customer Responsibilities

  • The customer will require their own equipment, suitable for connecting to the SoldierNET network.

  • There must be no illegal activity or involvement with illegal content.

  • Customers must not send or receive or provide unsolicited advertising or marketing material (SPAM).

  • SoldierNET do not offer a service level suitable for business use.

  • Vouchers and subscriptions are non-transferable and the service is strictly single user/single device and customers must take all necessary steps to keep login details confidential.

  • Customers may not use devices in the 2.4GHz frequency range since it is not permitted under LANDSO 2008 but specifically prohibited in range of SoldierNET WiFi APs.

In the event that a custoemr account is found to be operating in violation of these terms then SoldierNET reserves the right to immediately restrict or suspend the users access, pending further action. In this event the customer will not be entitled to a refund for any period when the service is restricted/suspended. Where contact details are provided we will endeavour to contact customers to discuss. In all cases we will provide a note in the "My Account" area of the SoldierNET site.

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act (1988) applies to all personal information held by a company of a customer. This does not apply to this service as SoldierNET Ltd do not hold any personal details about Internet users but solely act as a payment gateway.

Contact Information

You may contact SoldierNET on and additional contact details can be found at:

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