Payment migration

We have recently moved to a new system with a new payment provider which will provide users with access to new service Plans.

Migrating your account will require a new subscription with the cost adjusted for any credit you may already have. You will not lose any of your existing access time.

Login to your Account, click on the button Click Here to unsubscribe then immediately go to Subscribe/Buy, view the available Plans and subscribe to the Plan that best meets your needs. Your access will expire if you do not re-subscribe.

Plan upgrades

From the start of the year, SoldierNET have provided a range of Plans that offer different levels of bandwidth / registered devices.

We have not increased prices for over 6 years and rather than increasing the price for all, we have chosen to provide an entry level Plan at the same price as before, with device restrictions, whilst providing Plans with greater flexibility than before.

Our service Terms and Conditions have always stipulated that accounts only have an additional 2 registered devices, however we have never enforced this.

With the new Plans, the number of devices per account is restricted, with the option to upgrade your Plan should you wish for more bandwidth or devices.

Details of the plans can be seen in the Subscribe/Buy page of your account after migrating to our latest payment method.

You can continue to sign in on a further device within each of the Plans.

If you are on the default Essential Plan you can have 3 devices connected to the Internet simultaneously – 2 automatically and 1 by signing in.

Additional flexibility can be found within the Devices page where you will find the option to move devices up and down to allow Internet access depending on your requirements. You can therefore have more devices registered and then approve access to the ones that require it at that time.


For a short period of time, users subscribed via the old payment method and on the previous Plan, will have a temporary uplift in the number of devices permitted while they migrate to the new payment provider and select the most appropriate Plan for their needs.