The wireless password/passphrase for all SNet networks is ‘pegasusbridge’

A: An iOS 14 update has been released which can cause previously connected iOS devices to fail the authentication process. This is due to a new setting called ‘Private Address’.

To turn this feature off you go to Settings, Wi-Fi, tap the blue information button, ‘i’, next to your preferred connection and turn ‘Private Address’ off.

If issues persist, please contact our support team. 

A: Some devices have had a setting added called ‘MAC Address Randomisation’. This is a security feature which renders your device unrecognisable to the SNET network and can cause a loss of connection.
The solution to this is to switch settings from ‘Randomised MAC’ to ‘Use Device MAC’.
Please refer to your manufacturer’s device instructions on how to locate the Randomised MAC Address setting and update accordingly.

This will only affect the SNet network and all of your other networks are unaffected.

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